• At this time the max video length is 10 Minutes.
  • Max File Size is 1024MB for Videos
  • Max Resolution is 1080p
  • Recommended Resolution is 720p


Enoding Settings.

For Optimal Results use the settings in the Table below creating your video for the site

(you do not need to do all of them, pick a resolution and encode your file at that), 480p is DVD resolution and is accesible to all users on any Device. 720p is HD. 1080P is Full HD. 1080P is the best quality visually, but upload and encoding times are longer the higher the max res you use)

Resolution Video Bitrate Ausi Bit Rate
360p - (730x360)    
480p- (940x480)    
720p- (1280x720)    
1080p - 1980x1080