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General Lighting

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Your aim should be a good balance of light making sure you are evenly and well lit with minimal shadows, again remember these are not expenses you need to fork out for at the start but the better your show looks from camera quality to background aesthetics to minimal buffering, the more appealing your room becomes and the more appealing your room is the more money you are likely to make.

The best lighting to use would be compact Fluorescent bulbs with a day white frequency (5500k). Standard bulbs can cause either a yellow or blue wash over your images, the better job you do at minimising this the better your room will look.

Lighting setup varies slightly from case to case, but if you follow our basic guide in the knowledge base we should be able to tweak to your environment with relative ease.

Look out for hard shadows, the closer you are to a wall, the more defined a shadow may be come, this can have a negative effect on image clarity, so keep an eye out for it. If in doubt ask. You can always open a support ticket and send us a screenshot highlighting your concern.

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