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Will i be asked to pose nude?

The odds are yes you will be asked to pose nude, but it doesn’t mean you have too, your channel is your room and they are your rules, put in your room description what members can expect and add to your private details what you are willing to do in private.

What are the rules for me to be a cambunny model?

Some of the basic rules for webcam models are: 1. Do not be rude to clients or other models (unless for example your theme is you are a mean girl etc, but you must specify this in your room details).2. Do not give out personal information about other models.3. Do not do anything which isRead More

What do i need to perform on cambunny?

Obviously you will need a computer, a webcam and an internet connection. The Higher spec the equipment the better but as we allow broadcasting from low end boxes you can generally skim under our minimum requirements as long as you are happy to skim on resolution. Our requirements are set based on you broadcasting atRead More


Almost any webcam can be used for cambunny, but you should consider that a start up situation. When you have made enough money you should consider upgrading to one of our recommended cards or HD capture Devices (or even a Logitech HD cam) as the higher the quality of your broadcast the more people areRead More

General Lighting

Your aim should be a good balance of light making sure you are evenly and well lit with minimal shadows, again remember these are not expenses you need to fork out for at the start but the better your show looks from camera quality to background aesthetics to minimal buffering, the more appealing your roomRead More