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Introduction to Profile Pictures – Why are they important?

The first impression made by you will almost always be your profile picture. This is true on social networks, cam sites and tube sites, this is because these are the images that appear first for most users, in thumbnails, previews and of course your profile page. These are your first opportunity to sell you toRead More

Installing OBS in Windows 10 64-bit.

Step 1: Open chrome. Step 2. Navigate to OBSProject.com and click download. Step 3. If you are using windows 10 64 bit you should be able to simply click download installer. Step 4. Once the download has completed Click on it in the Chrome tray to initiate install. Step 5. Your computer should at thisRead More

Quick Start Guide: Broadcasting with HTML 5 on Cambunny

Setting up your first show can be daunting we have done our best to ensure the that the task of going live is as easy as possible. So in a few steps we have how to go live and the best resolution to use based on your internet connection. Using http://speedtest.net you can find outRead More

Model Payouts and verification.

To get paid out as a model you need to complete age verification. To do so the first step is to complete your  Accont records. So go to the performer Dashboard and click “UPDATE ACCOUNT RECORDS” or navigate directly too https://cambunny.co.uk/performer-dashboard/?updateRecords=form . Complete that form with all your credentials.  From there you can either waitRead More

How Many Accounts can i have?

One you can have one account. We record users IP addresses any individual who attempts to sign up for multiple accounts to exploit free credits or abuse a model will have their IP blocked, account terminated and all credits revoked.

How do i get paid?

Models must complete the age ID and verification process to be eligible to earn money on the site. Your Verify ID is performed by an authorized security organisation. Any ID uploaded is not shown to us for your personal security and peace of mind. But as you can imagine its very important to verify theRead More

What Cut will I receive of my sales and tips?

At cambunny we believe that you deserve to be paid the maximum amount possible for your work. While we need to cover the cost of hosting, payment gateways and staff we offer our models a fantastic 70% (80% Until September 2019) cut of the gross revenue earned. Beating most if not all of our competitors!

Does it cost money to work on cambunny?

No. Cambunny will always be free for models and performers. We take a small commission off of money earned on the site, this ranges between 20-30% making us one of the best paying sites available.

How do i become a cam model?

You need foremost to be friendly and open minded, comfortable in front of a camera and able to have a good conversation. It does not matter how you look as there are people looking for something in every category, it doesn’t matter what your style is or your age (as long as you are 18+).Read More

Where can i work from?

You can work from any where as long as its private, you have a webcam a computer and a high speed internet connection. We have guides about setup that will help you optimise your room, but anywhere you can set up, you can work.

I have never done any cam modelling will you help me start up?

Yes, in fact one of the places cam bunny is trying to set the standard is in helping the models, with forums to get help from other models an extensive knowledge base and tutorials, a ticket system and a store for all the equipment you can ever imagine needing. WE are here to help youRead More