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Over 20,000 Products and an anonymous wish list in the CamBunny Store.

Cambunnys aim from the Beginning was to be a complete service provider for models and as part of that commitment we switched on the Cambunny store . The Cambunny Store contains over 20,000 products at competitive prices with global shipping. But better than that is a truly discrete wishlist, places like amazon offer aRead More

Cambunny Launch Promotion – $20 Instant Deposit for the First 20 verified Models.

We have tested the features, broadcast some live shows. Signed all our paperwork and integrated multiple payment solutions. So its all about recruitment. Being a new site our biggest obstacle is of course new models. We managed to direct Half a million viewers to a single cam stream so we know our marketing works. WhatRead More

Uploading Your Videos for Free promotion or on Sale on Cambunny.

Now we have covered how to encode your videos for the best results. in our post. so now we need to sell our videos. Cambunny offers uploads with a Max file size of 512MB. When we go into full release we will look at increasing the limit. But for Now 512MB allows you toRead More

DMCA Spotlight – What to do if your live shows or content turn up on pornhub.

DMCA is a real issue for cam girls and amateur adult movie creators. We have approached how to get some basic free DMCA registration in our previous posts. But now what about when your content is on the largest adult movie site on the net? Pornhub? Pornhubs DMCA compliance teams are among the best onRead More