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Uploading Your Videos for Free promotion or on Sale on Cambunny.

Now we have covered how to encode your videos for the best results. in our post. https://cambunny.co.uk/preparation-480p-or-720p-video-for-uploading-to-your-store-or-tube/ so now we need to sell our videos.

Cambunny offers uploads with a Max file size of 512MB. When we go into full release we will look at increasing the limit. But for Now 512MB allows you to upload 10 minute long 720p videos or 30 minute long 480p videos (if you follow the previous tutorial). You can upload as many videos as you like.

Of course to earn money from videos you must be a verified performer. With all that in mind lets begin.

Step 1.

Run your mouse over performer, and in the drop down menu click “Performer Dashboard”

Step 2.

In the performer Dashboard scroll down and click Video.

Step 3.

In Manage Videos click “Upload”.

Step 4.

Select your master category. This is a very lose browse node for users to scroll through when they don’t quite know what they want, you will refine with keywords.

Step 5.

Fill in the tags and meta description, the tags can be completely unique to you, you can use as many as you like as long as they are relevant.

In accordance with our banking and payment processing partners there are certain words that can not be publicly visible on Cambunny. Products using these words or themes will not be approved.

  • Force, Rape, Sleep, Hypnotize, Hypno, Brutal, Violent, Abuse, Humiliation, Drugged/Incapacitated, Bestiality, Blood/Mutilation, Pedophilia, Incest, Necrophilia

Then select “choose files”.

Step 6.

Select the file you are planning to upload and click open (remember from our previous tutorial the video will be titled automatically using its filename, so make sure that file name is descriptive before clicking open).

Step 7.

Now click “Done uploading” If you want to leave the video free, you dont have to do anything, in 30 minutes it will go live as a free video. But most of your videos should be paid for you are here to make money after all. So to set up the price for your video keep following this tutorial.

Setting the price for your Video.

Step 8.

To set the video price click on the video tag, you will see your videos there, find the video you have just uploaded for processing (should be the first one on the left). Click on edit.

Step 9:

In the first Box, put the price you want to charge in tokens, a token is 5c, anywhere between 1 and 25 tokens a minute depending on your own value is the advised range (20 tokens being a dollar minus your cambunny fees).

In the second Box, place how long they have access to the video for, the recommendation is 0 (forever), but its entirely up to you.. Then click save.

That’s it, your video takes anywhere between 1 minute and 30 to go live, depending on the length of the queue. You can find it under the videos tab and the videos tab in your cam listing page. As the uploader when you access the page the video will automatically be available to play. When a user is on the site, they will see the video listed with its preview thumbnails in both these places but when they click on it will be asked to pay before they can view.

Good luck and Happy selling.