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Over 20,000 Products and an anonymous wish list in the CamBunny Store.

Cambunnys aim from the Beginning was to be a complete service provider for models and as part of that commitment we switched on the Cambunny store http://shop.cambunny.co.uk/ .

The Cambunny Store contains over 20,000 products at competitive prices with global shipping. But better than that is a truly discrete wishlist, places like amazon offer a private wishlist but the moment there is an order issue they can ask the BUYER to confirm your address (despite the fact you have probably had a hundred items successfully delivered to date).

This is a complaint we have heard from models and seen evidence of, over the past few years we tried a variety of wishlist systems that varied in results from exposing your address to simply not delivering the items! So as we do at Cambunny we took action. The buyers do not see your address, If there is an issue with delivery a dedicated customer support member will address the issue. Safe, Secure, Competitive and delivered.

Try out a cambunny wishlist today and see how you feel.