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So at cambunny we primarily operate on crypto, this allows us to take anonymous payments without major interference from global banking institutions as such we can guarantee payments won’t get frozen… the way they did during our initial launch! This protects our girls…. And better yet. You can get crypto for free. We use the services below and shared them based on that, the cudo miner generates coin FAST but it uses electricity, however, the way coin is bulling it makes more than it costs at the time of publishing. This is a great way to get coin to spend on your favourite girl! The free cloud miner is slow, but its free and uses no electricity, and every few weeks you can withdraw coin that cost you nothing. The coin base wallet is great because on top of being a wallet they pay you to watch tutorials, I have personally got myself over $100 of coin from watching 20 minutes of tutorials? So go get yourself some free money! then spend some of it here!

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