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Free CyptoCoins – Earn More with Minergate

Cash is most definitely king. But mining is of course a big thing at the moment and Cambunny accepts crypto-coin for that very reason, But for you to tip our girls with crypto-coins you first need crypto-coins.

To that end we have been testing a number of miners to find out which earn best. Today’s test bought out a new top dog as long as you have at least four cores in your CPU the best miner by far appeared to be Minergate.

The reasons why it was top?

  • Hashes slightly faster than most of the miners we tested
  • Mines multiple coins and identifies what your setup will mine best and automatically mine for you.

Its so easy we were up and running in minutes. You simply go to Minergate and register. Download the xFAST GUI miner. Open it and pop in the email address you registered with and click start and it does EVERYTHING for you.

Important notes about mining. The power of your CPU and GPU affect the speed of mining. Mining isn’t as free as it seems, keep an eye on your electricity usage. The cost of electricity is a factor many people forget, we found this miner a great choice because of the fashion in which it switches between your mining type increasing your odds of profit, but not guaranteeing them. However many of the windows miners we have tested in the past have used a great deal of power for very little return.

Try MinerGate and let us know what you think.