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First successful Live HD OBS Broadcast!

Last night was a monumentous day for us at Cambunny! As naughty natali broadcast for the first time in 720p using OBS. In the hour and 30 minute broadcast, there was not 1 dropped frame, no users having issue with videos not loading, no buffering or latency.

Just crystal clear Hi Definition video and broadcast on less than 40% of the bandwidth our competitors use! That means girls with slower connections can broadcast on higher resolutions than any competitor site, and users who don’t have fibre optic internet connections can watch in Hi-Definition without buffering. Honestly its a thing of beauty and we are so proud.

So whats next?

Well now we have tested 5 resolutions up to 720p so our OBS guide will be compiled, so our models can start broadcasting in these stable streams and look to build a fan base on this site.

Once this is done, we will be creating a few services for the girls to use to promote themselves, including free cam bunny sponsored adult hosting, because every girl should have a website.

We will start rolling out dedicated adverts for the website and if you are a launch girl a campaign specifically to promote you will be created. Your success is our success so we will advertise you and provide you with tools like no other cam site ever has before!

Our commitment to low bandwidth Hi Definition video for users and performers became a reality last night and the pride we feel right now is just indescribable.

Here is to even more success in the future!