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Earn Tokens Blogging about Cambunny

Cambunny is three weeks into its launch. The approach we have taken to our launch is User led. While we have an effective marketing campaign nothing has more value than a user them-self spreading the word.

This is why we have multiple ways for users to earn tokens for actions (all covered by our website sponsors). You can refer users using your Referral link, but simply posting this link has its limits, a single click on the link gets you 0.01 tokens, however a sign up gets you 10 tokens! So when you post your referral link you want to really tell people WHY they should be using us. Our blog is full of material you can read to think of great pitches to place on your own blog.

You can also blog about the model you have been watching on Cambunny including your referral link, or even blog about why the site is good for models. Frankly you have allot of choices. If you signed up with Minergate ( https://minergate.com/a/7380256b2ecbf6abac9840a0 ) to earn free crypto, you can blog about your experiences with them and include your minergate referral link to earn more crypto, allowing you to purchase tokens with crypto on the site.

Great blogging platforms that allow XXX content include


However if your blog is not going to contain XXX content, you may be able to use any platform such as blogger itself. (You can write about a cam site without including pornographic images).

Its worth Blogging once a week and sharing it to various social networks.

Good luck with your promo we look forward to seeing you in the shows.