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DMCA Spotlight – What to do if your live shows or content turn up on pornhub.

DMCA is a real issue for cam girls and amateur adult movie creators. We have approached how to get some basic free DMCA registration in our previous posts. But now what about when your content is on the largest adult movie site on the net? Pornhub?

Pornhubs DMCA compliance teams are among the best on the web. They adhere to every level of DMCA with very little push back and they are actually here to help. But dont just be quick to pull your content off of the site. Porn hub actually generate revenue from your videos and are more than happy to share any money they received from your content. The first thing you should do Is;

Register for an Adult Model account (Click here to open registration in a new window) the process will take a few days, but get registered and set up your porn hub model account.

Once your Account is activated and you are the person in the videos you are claiming then you need to contact support (click here to open Porn Hub DMCA form in a new window).

Paste in the links to all the videos you are in and send the form. If you are logged in as a registered model pornhub may contact you asking you if you want the videos removed or transferred to your account, always go for the transfer you can delete it later if you want to but this gets you the revenue into your model account.


Open up the contact form (click here to open in a new window) (you still need to be registered as a model), open a support ticket and click on model program and support type: content removal. Write a brief message explaining you have found some of your content on porn hub with a list of links and request these be transferred to your porn hub account.

Option 2 (using the contact form), is likely to get better results and its worth the few days it takes to register as a model and transfer your content as for once it lets you claim back money owed to you from copyright theft. You may also find some of your videos (e.g. captures from shows), have made you more money than they would have if paid so it could be worth leaving them up.

If the stolen content is normally something you would sell with a premium price tag, either on here or many vids etc, then you can also chose to charge for it on porn-hub and make it a paid for video over there.

You can also however simply delete all the content once its claimed and maintain your account only for take-downs, or use it to upload your own promo clicks.

Good luck reclaiming your lost revenue.

Pornhub Model Program

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